Your Data - GDPR

Rather than cut and paste some legal boilerplate, I thought you would prefer a plain English breakdown of what data I collect, how it is used and how it is stored. In general, I respect that you have an absolute right to privacy concerning your information, and am very aware of the particularly sensitive information contained in the notes that I am required to keep.

During initial enquiries I will keep basic details to hand for no more than a month, deleting them if I do not hear from you again. Should you decide to begin sessions then I will keep brief notes after each session, together with your contact details in a Google text document stored in a G-suite account. This provides greater security than written records and also allows me access as necessary when away from the office. I am obliged to keep these notes for 5 years after our last session before deleting them. Full details are provided in our working contract, limited details are shared with my supervisor as necessary, and if ever required for formal/legal reasons. All current requirements from the professional bodies I belong to are complied with, your details not shared with anyone for non-professional reasons. 

I am frequently contacted by text by clients who may not leave their name. So as to be sure who I am talking to, I'll keep text threads active - but will delete any sensitive and/or personal information. 

Please do let me know if you have any suggestions, concerns or specific requests regarding your data.