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12.00 Noon - Paul
Penny seemed a bit more responsive, although did not recognise me at first
Has not been eating, did take tablets without a fuss and was drinking water without being prompted.
Recognised pictures and recorded tunes, was able to comment (rather frankly!) on the playing and recognised one of her favourites but was unable to fully process her experience. Same with pictures of our wedding, holidays, etc. - became agitated without being able to say why.

Some good news - Penny remembered a picture from yesterday and was able to follow up on our previous conversation, but only with one sentence. This was pretty much how every conversation went. She became more coherent after about an hour and a half, remembered my name and was able to work out that I was alone at home, having to feed myself, etc.

Waiting for the MRI scan. Her recoveries from previous attacks have taken a couple of days - this by far the worst series of attacks so far, so a longer recover time could be expected.

Main concerns of the nurses were a general lack of cooperation by Penny (she pulled the cannula out of her arm last night) and that she is not eating.

She seems to respond well to visits, if a bit patchy at times.

17.08.22 Paul & John

Has been moved to a general ward (Ward 11 bed 9, level one in the orange zone)

Blood pressure now 117/70, 69. Brighter and more self-aware than yesterday, having slightly longer conversations before thy go off-track.

Hands were warm today (cold yesterday), complaining about the feeling in her left-hand little finger.

Still confused, now recognises that she has been affected fairly severely, realises that it may well have been a stroke.

Has confused dreams/hallucinations although at times very aware.

Complying with the staff now, just wants to come home, and can't understand why this is not possible. Kept asking me how I am feeding myself.

Still waiting for the MRI scan.

18.08.22  2.30pm Paul

Penny recognised me on arrival! Still some confusion and hallucinations, but accepts that she is wrong (!!) and was aware of the severity of the last attacks after seeing my notes and recordings.

Currently being treated for a chest infection and still waiting for scan. This won't happen over the weekend, but may possibly happen tomorrow and then they expect to boot her out. 




Improvement since yesterday, if not such a large one as yesterday. Welcomed the hair bush, and especially the pile of books. Still not eating a lot, but muckled into a turkey salad and demolished a strawberry moose and some of Rosemary's cake while I was there.

Penny (and I) thank everyone for their messages and thoughts, as well as visits and offers of visits. She would like to have to have some time alone now to rest and recover, we are spending time together sitting with our preferred methods of reading - rather like being at home. I've bought her a little model vulture to sit on her bedside table, which was appreciated. Had a long chat today about future lifestyle changes.



Brighter, less confused and no longer hearing voices outside the room. Demolished a plate of macaroni cheese - as well as half the tomatoes in the salad I brought myself. Left me the bacon sandwich though.

Based on a photo of the chilled cabinet downstairs, she asked for a bottle of fruit juice, a chocolate pot and a tub of mandarins in Jelly. I think Penny has her appetite back.

Planned our first two walking-based holidays.

More mobile now, I've promised to take her to the café downstairs on Monday if the staff allow it, and she puts some clothes on.


Similar to yesterday, except a young chap turned up to haul Penny of for a MRI scan - with any luck, she'll cleared, and booted out tomorrow.


Penny brighter, medium-term memory still patchy. Still predating my tomatoes.

MRI results back -but no one free to comment or order Penny to be evicted. May be this afternoon, probably not. Perhaps there is confusion as, going by the sign on the door, she is actually called 'Peny'. Obviously cutting back on the stationery costs by saving ink. 


Hospital has evicted Penny, MRI scan was clear!

Back home, recovery still has a way to go - including physical strength.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support

- o O o -